Welcome to Melissi Desktop Client’s documentation!


Melissi Desktop is a client for Melissi Cloud Storage Server. Provides file sychronization between the server (aka Hive) and your desktop, so that files are automatically transferred / updated between the two.

To use Melissi Desktop you need a Hive account. If you don’t have an account you can setup your own Hive to host your files by following the Hive Installation Instructions.

If you already have a Hive account you are welcome to proceed with the client installation.


Things To Know

Melissi client is currently alpha software. Things may not work as expected.


Until the desktop client reaches a level of maturity do not use this software to handle files that you don’t have backups. This software does delete and overwrite files on your filesystem.


To run Melissi client you need to have installed the following software / libraries.


When installing from Debian or Fedora packages the requirements will be downloaded automatically.

  • python > 2.6
  • python-gobject2
  • python-gtk2
  • python-glade2
  • python-notify
  • python-pyinotify
  • python-twisted
  • python-storm
  • python-webkit
  • xdg-open


  1. Add our repositories to your sources.list and update
~$ sudo "echo 'deb http://packages.melissi.org/ sid main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list"
~$ sudo apt-get update
  1. Install Melissi
~$ sudo apt-get install melissi


Looking for a polite fedora packager ;)

The Python Way

  1. Check that you have all the dependencies installed
  2. Fetch the source code from the repository
~$ git clone http://github.com/melissiproject/client
  1. Install
~$ cd client
~$ sudo python setup.py install

Running Desktop Client

Desktop Menu

Go to Menu->Internet->Melissi File Synchronization


If you run on a headless system (e.g. a server) or you don’t want melissi to attach to your desktop, you can still get Melissi!

~$ melissi --no-desktop


You still need to create the initial configuration file using the desktop version. This issue is already reported.


Melissi Project depends heavily on your contribution. You can help the development simply by using Melissi Desktop Client and reporting bugs to our issue tracking system on github or, even better, by submitting patches that fix bugs or introduce new features.

All development is done on github under melissi project so can easily fork and develop.

You can post comments, questions and patches also on our developer’s mailing list melissi-dev.


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